Top 10 Websites For You To Watch Movies And TV Series Online Free In China

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Since the Chinese government has blocked Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other popular websites, which you have to use anti-censorship tools to get access to, the internet world in China is in war.

While there is little freedom for you to speech on or connect to the WWW world, there are many websites for you to watch movies and TV series online free, which will be helpful to relax when you are not fighting. And among those websites, the following 10 are the best:


1. Youku

2. Tudou

3. Xunlei

4. Sohu

5. Sina



8. Real

9. Iqiyi

10. 56

Among the above 10 websites, every of them offers different movies and TV series from US, UK, KR and many other countries besides China. Although the site languages are all Chinese, you can translate them into English or any other languages you like with these best 10 free online translation services, and you can also search the original or Chinese name of a movie or TV series.

By the way, not all videos on the above websites are free, and if none of them offer the free videos you are looking for, you can also check out these 10 movie websites and these 10 TV websites.

For more websites to watch movies and TV series online free, you can check out this FINAL list, have fun in China!

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