Top 10 Websites to Help You Make Money Online with Twitter

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You maybe hear that someone (such as John Chow) makes much money online with blog, but do you know that someone (such as John Chow) also makes much money online with Twitter? Since Twitter is called microblog, it’s no doubt that you can make money online by twittering. Below are 10 best websites, which will help you make money online with Twitter, so check them out.

1. will suggest a price for your tweet, and of course, you can change the price. You will be notified when you have a sponsor, and you can donate your earnings to charity.

Go to

2. Assetize

There is no referral program, so you can only make money with Assetize through ad tweets. You can select how often an Assetize tweet will be posted.

Go to Assetize

3. Magpie

After registration, you can choose how often the ad tweets will be posted, add a short note to each ad tweet, and select if you want to manually approve new magpie-tweets.

Go to Magpie

4. MyLikes

There are quite a few sponsors for your choice on MyLikes, when your sponsored likes are approved, you can post them on Twitter and get paid when someone clicks those links in them.

Go to MyLikes

5. RevTwt

make money online with revtwt

The RevTwt website was formerly known as, which is on the basis of CPC (Cost per Click) or CPT (Cost per Thousand Followers). You can add multiple Twitter accounts.

Go to RevTwt

6. Sponsored Tweets

Make money with SponsoredTweets

Join Sponsored Tweets with the Twitter OAuth, choose the price for every sponsored tweet you will accept, and you will be paid when someone clicks your sponsored tweets.

Go to Sponsored Tweets

7. TweetROI

You will get $10.00 when you sign up TweetROI, and you will get paid when you earned up to $25.00. Some of the ads need to be approved before tweeting.

Go to TweetROI

8. Twittad

You can make money with Twittad by just putting the ads on your Twitter profile background.

Go to Twittad

9. Twivert

You can get paid by Twivert when someone clicks your ad tweets. But you need to sign up Twivert with Twitter user name and password, which is not so good for account security.

Go to Twivert

10. TwtMOB

After registration, you will wait till there are campaigns assigned for you, but the registration of twtMOB is a little boring.

Go to TwtMOB

Among the above 10 websites, MyLikes is my favorite tool to make money online with Twitter, so, which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other similar websites to make money on Twitter? Share with us by adding a comment.

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