Top 10 YouTube Channels for How to Draw Cartoons

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YouTube is a nice place for us to learn something, such as studying languages, driving cars, making albums, and so on.

To learn how to draw cartoons, you can also check out YouTube, especially its below 10 popular channels:

1. Cartoonblock

How to Draw Cartoons cartoonblock

Channel Views: 144,193

Joined: June 23, 2009

Subscribers: 10,061

Videos: 52

Evan Burse will show you how to draw your favorite characters step by step with his YouTube channel videos.

2. Idrawgirls

How to Draw Cartoons idrawgirls

Channel Views: 225,090

Joined: August 25, 2007

Subscribers: 15,663

Videos: 153

On the Idrawgirls channel, Xia shows you how to draw and paint cartoons.

3. Sycra

How to Draw Cartoons sycra

Channel Views: 297,867

Joined: June 09, 2006

Subscribers: 20,048

Videos: 127

Sycra Yasin shows you how to draw cartoons as well as how to paint them.

4. Comicking2

How to Draw Cartoons comicking2

Channel Views: 42,278

Joined: January 01, 2009

Subscribers: 3,116

Videos: 33

There are tens of cartoon drawing video tutorials on the Comicking2 channel.

5. Datboidrew

How to Draw Cartoons datboidrew

Channel Views: 17,543

Joined: March 01, 2006

Subscribers: 1,011

Videos: 77

Drew will show you how to create comic books and cartoons of your own on the Datboidrew channel.

6. CartoonSNAP

How to Draw Cartoons cartoonsnap

Channel Views: 10,534

Joined: April 27, 2007

Subscribers: 699

Videos: 26

With the CartoonSNAP channel, you can learn how to draw cartoons step by step with Sherm Cohen.

7. Keyeske

How to Draw Cartoons keyeske

Channel Views: 142,666

Joined: November 26, 2006

Subscribers: 2,008

Videos: 210

Keyeske will show you how to draw cartoons with over 200 videos.

8. Doodlekat1

How to Draw Cartoons doodlekat1

Channel Views: 7,768

Joined: October 03, 2009

Subscribers: 761

Videos: 37

Doodle Kat shows you how to draw Polar bear, Hippo, Kangaroo and some other cartoon characters.

9. Cartoonage

How to Draw Cartoons cartoonage

Channel Views: 24,448

Joined: December 08, 2006

Subscribers: 730

Videos: 147

Elie will show you how to draw cat, elevator, hero and many other funny cartoon characters.

10. Expertvillag

How to draw Cartoons expertvillage

Channel Views: 19,964,984

Joined: April 05, 2006

Subscribers: 677,536

Videos: 138,796

The playlist is marked private, but you can find many Expertvillag videos about how to draw cartoons by search “draw cartoon” on the YouTube website.

Although we can learn a lot about how to draw cartoons from the above 10 YouTube channels, practice will be the only way to be a good cartoon artist. 🙂

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