Top 10 YouTube Channels For You To Learn How To Swim

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As mentioned before, the Freestyle Swimming Techniques series is good for you to learn how to swim as a beginner.

But it only shows you how to swim freestyle, not butterfly or breaststroke, what is more, 10 videos can't include all the tips and details about freestyle swimming.

So, to learn more tips about swimming, you need to check out more video tutorials, and the following are 10 best YouTube channels for your reference:

1. Everybodyswim

With over 24 videos, the Everybodyswim channel will show you how to swim from blowing bubbles, to different swimming styles, to diving, ect., including nearly all the basic tips you need to know when swimming.

There are no voice instructions but just some text that mark the points for every step.

2. Expert Village

The Expert Village channel offers many videos about swimming lessons by different experts, such as Peter Elizondo for the Freestyle Swimming Techniques series as mentioned in the beginning of this post.

And besides freestyle, you can also find video tutorials for breaststroke, butterfly stroke, backstroke and more.

3. Kanal von northtexasswimming

Instructed by Robert Bina, who had over 20-year swimming coach experiences, the Kanal von northtexasswimming channel will show you how to teach kids to swim freestyle with 5 videos, which are also good for an adult beginner.

While the above 3 channels are good for you to learn how to swim step by step, the following 7 will mainly show you the efficient swimming tips:

4. only offers 4 swimming video tutorials about efficient and correct freestyle swimming, but which are guided by Dave Scrott, who was ever a six-time Ironman champion.

5. Effortless Swimming

With 30 videos, the Effortless Swimming channel will show you the tips for different swimming styles.

Besides, it also shows you what to eat before swimming, how to swim faster, how to train strength, and some other related tips.

6. JimmyDShea

The JimmyDShea channel offers 4 video lessons for you to learn how to swim freestyle stroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke and drills, one lesson, one video.

By the way, Jimmy was a U.S. Marine when he made those videos, so you can imagine how the U.S. Marine Corps swim.

7. Swimming Stroke Technique

Swimming Stroke Technique (Swim Smooth) is mainly for you to learn how to swim smoothly for freestyle with over 40 videos.

8. Swimming & Synchro

With over 20 videos, the Swimming & Synchro channel shows you how to practice the stokes of freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke, as well as how to dance in the water.

9. Total Immersion Swimming Japan & US

Besides swimming tips for freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke, the Total Immersion Swimming Japan & US channel also shows you synchronized swimming performances.

But the original languages are Russian or Japanese, and some videos has English subtitles, while the others haven't.

10. Total Immersion Swimming

With over 50 videos, the Total Immersion Swimming channel will show you the basic as well as the best ways to swim with different stroke styles, whether in a pool or in open water.

While the above 10 YouTube channels are really good for you to learn how to swim, you won't swim until you practice in water and feel good.

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