Top 10 YouTube Videos For How To Kiss

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Kissing is one of the most wonderful things in the world.

Basically, there are four types of kiss, Inside Kiss, Tongue Training Kiss, French Kiss and Eating Kiss.

Below are 10 most popular YouTube videos for how to kiss:

1. How To Kiss With Passion

Views: 20,264,095

Upload date: February 14, 2008

Uploaded by: Howcast

This YouTube video will show you how to kiss step by step.

2. How To Kiss

Views: 6,717,813

Upload date: September 13, 2008

Uploaded by: TheWingGirls

This video will show you how to kiss with something you need to avoid.

3. How to kiss with passion: The secret to kissing

Views: 3,941,129

Upload date: September 16, 2009

Uploaded by: howtogetthe1youwant

It shows you how to kiss with a long kissing video.

4. How To Kiss Someone Passionately

Views: 3,317,503

Upload date: March 19, 2007

Uploaded by: VideoJug

This video shows you some tips for passionate kiss, but you need to watch it on YouTube.

5. How to kiss – Lip kiss

Views: 3,064,222

Upload date: November 17, 2007

Uploaded by: Vanillebriseuijhvc

This YouTube video shows you some lip kiss scenes.

6. How to handle a goodnight kiss

how to kiss

Views: 2,395,390

Upload date: July 25, 2007

Uploaded by: VideoJug

This video shows a kissing act that makes me laugh, but it is not allowed for embed, so you have to watch it on the YouTube website.

7. How To Be a Good Kisser

Views: 1,540,693

Upload date: February 04, 2009

Uploaded by: Howcast

Follow the steps, and you should be a good kisser.

8. French Kiss

Views: 1,296,631

Upload date: January 17, 2007

Uploaded by: miro665

This YouTube video will show you a long and soft French kiss.

9. How to Kiss: Gradual Practice Tips

Views: 1,277,144

Upload date: May 28, 2009

Uploaded by: gradualreport

Kissing sounds like that you are eating delicious fruit.

10. How to Kiss !

Views: 1,233,512

Upload date: December 11, 2006

Uploaded by: dhanis

This YouTube video shows you four different kinds of kiss.

The best way to improve your kissing skill is to kiss.

By the way, the views of the above 10 YouTube videos for how to kiss may be increased now. 🙂

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