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Up till now, has supported 12 languages, such as English, Japanese, Korean and some others, but comparing to Google+ and Facebook, 12 is a small number for Twitter to compete.

Twitter must know that the more languages it supports, the more users it will get, so it is translating other languages, but different from Google+ and Facebook, who hire some experts to do the jobs, Twitter invites all the people in the world to translate on its Translation Center.

On the Translation Center homepage, you can see that Twitter is looking for translators in Filipino, Malay, Simple Chinese and other 13 languages, though some of which (such as Japanese) are already supported on the website.

Sign in Twitter, agree that you won’t get paid for your translations, and choose the language you want to translate to (which can’t be changed later), then you will see how many projects that are waiting for you:

Twitter Translation Center Project

As you can see from the above image, there is a total of 9 products (including, Twitter Help, Twitter for Mac, etc.) for you to translate, you can click on anyone of them and choose how to start:

Translate Twitter From A Tag

You can start translating from a tag, a date or all pending phrases, then you will see a translation page:

Twitter translation

On every translation page, there are 5 Twitter phrases, which you can translate yourself, or vote for others’ translation results if any. After that, click the "Save translations" button, then you are done and can start to translate another 5.

Although you can’t get paid for your translations or votes, you can express your love to Twitter, show your translation ability, and get reputations, since Twitter will display your contributions in a particular profile page:

Twitter Translation Center Profile

On the profile page, you can see your translation level, how many translations you’ve created or voted for, how many of your translations have been approved, and how many votes you have gotten, as well as your latest translation activities.

And if you do a very good job, you will be in the Top translators list on the Twitter Translation Center’s homepage.

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