Share Your Pictures, Videos and Audio on Twitter with Tvider

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Regarding how to share mobile videos to twitter from cellphone, Abhishek has recommended Tvider. So, let’s have a look at Tvider now.

Tvider is website from which you can share your pictures, videos and audio on twitter for free. The multimedia files can be uploaded or recorded from PC or from Mobile Phone.

1. Share your pictures, videos and audio to Twitter from your PC

You can upload an exist multimedia file from your disk, or record an instant video / audio from your webcam. When the file is done, you can input your tweets and then share the file to Twitter.

I have shared a 3GP mobile video, which need to be converted to a format I could play. The 3GP file is 779 kb, and it took Tvider about 20 minutes to finish the process.

When the conversion is finished, the sharing page will be changed, and you can watch the video, retweet the message, or reply to the video owner.

2. Share your pictures, videos and audio to Twitter from your mobile phone

As per itself instruction, the Tvider mobile application supports Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and SonyEricsson. You can select an exist multimedia file in your phone disk, or record an instant video / audio with your mobile phone.

The shared files will look like this in mobile browsers:

You can stream or download the medias.

I failed to install the Tvider mobile application in my BlackBerry 8320, there was a 909 error. I am not sure how that happened. So, if you have used Tvider on your mobile phone, would you please share something with us? 🙂

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