To Follow 100 Recommended Tweeple with A Single Click

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Sometimes, I saw Twitip recommended some great tweeple and I wanted to follow them, but it might take a lot of time, since I had to check out and follow them one by one. So I usually would get up to follow instead.

The situation was changed when TweepML launched.

“TweepML is a simple format to make it easy for people to share a list of Twitter users (Tweeps).” Said by TweepML itself. So, let’s see how easy it will for us to share a user list.

You can make a user list in two ways:

1. Import from a URL

If there is a web page which including a twitter user’s profile link, you can input the page url and then all the twitter users on the page will be imported to your list.

By the way, both below link formats are available:

  •, or
  • FreeNuts

2. Input twitter user names

You can export your twitter friends or followers from Tweetake, copy some of the screen names you want to share, and then paste them into TweepML. Or you can just make a twitter user name list by other ways, such as copy the user names and then paste them into the column.

Whatever ways you used, you can only add 100 users in a list.

It is really easy to share a list of twitter users, right? But the feature I most like was that it is very easy for me to follow up to 100 people in a single click. Once you or someone else publish a tweepml list, you can just select all the tweeple you like to follow, input your twitter username and password, then you will follow them all in one second.

But I think TweepML’s search function is suck, since it only displays no more than 25 results, and what is more, Chinese tags can be shown on the tag cloud, but they will be all turned to “??” when you click them.

Here is a tweempl list about 200 hundred Chinese IT/Internet Tweeple, check it out if you like.

Update: TweepML has been changed to Listpedia now.

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