Two Search Engines Better Than Google

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As one of the largest search engines, Google is the best, for its instant, updates, nearby and some other special search features.

Even though, Google Search is not perfect, since there are ads, the page design looks bad, and there are some spam results.

Two Search Engines Better Than Google

In order to avoid the shortcomings of Google Search, some geniuses try to make their own search engines, among which, Duck Duck Go and Blekko are two of the best, not only because they have less irrelevant sites in good-looking result pages without ads, but also because they have some special features that Google hasn’t.

1. Duck Duck Go

Two Search Engines Better Than Google Duck Duck Go

The most special feature of Duck Duck Go is “Zero-click Info”, which will show useful information above the links.

Those information is mainly from Wikipedia or the site itself, and if the site is mentioned on Wikipedia, Duck Duck Go will use the Wikipedia information instead of the description meta of the site.

Google Search also offers information above the links, but all the information are from the sites of the links.

2. Blekko

Two Search Engines Better Than Google Blekko

Blekko uses slashtags to offer results for common searches, which means that it only indexes the websites in slashtags, like Google Custom Search.

Blekko itself has already created hundreds of topic slashtags, such as “/actors”, “/beauty”, “/cars”, and so on, you can search them directly, and you can also create your own slashtags for free after registration.

By the way, since Duck Duck Go is partnering with Blekko, so the two search engines have exchanged some features.

Duck Duck Go also offers slashtag search in different ways, for example, if you are going to search Facebook, you can put “!fb” after your query, then you will be lead to the Facebook search page with related results. And Blekko also offers the “Zero-click Info” function in different ways, for example, you can now click ‘info’ under a site title, and get a pop-up with info (mainly from Wikipedia) about that site.

Although Duck Duck Go and Blekko are two search engines better than Google for the above reasons, they are also worse than Google for some other reasons, such as they do not offer as many results as Google does, they do not offer any instant results, they do not offer real-time search, and so on.

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