Unblock Youku

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As mentioned before, you can watch hundreds of movies and TV series free on Youku outside China with Mason or Change HTTP Request Header, but none of them are available now.

Instead, you can check out Unblock Youku, which is a FREE Chrome extension for you to watch free videos on Youku as well as QQ, Sohu, Tudou and many other Chinese websites outside Mainland China.

Unblock Youku

To use the Unblock Youku extension, you just need to download and install it on your Chrome browser, then you are done. A piece of cake, and easier than Mason and Change HTTP Request Header, right?

Up till now, the latest version of Unblock Youku has worked for nearly all the popular Chinese video websites, including the following 12:

  • iqiyi.com
  • kankan.com
  • ku6.com
  • letv.com
  • pps.tv
  • tudou.com
  • tv.sohu.com
  • v.163.com
  • v.pptv.com
  • v.qq.com
  • video.sina.com.cn
  • youku.com

In fact, besides video, Unblock Youku is also available for you to listen to tons of songs free on the following 4 Chinese music sites:

  • music.baidu.com
  • music.sina.com.cn
  • xiami.com
  • y.qq.com

So, Unblock Youku is the best free tool for you to watch free online movies and TV series on Chinese video sites, when you are living outside Mainland China and fail to do that on Hulu, tvDuck, PrimeWire.ag or any other non-Chinese sites.

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