View All Photos From Different Social Networking Sites With GRID

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To view Facebook photos, you can check out Pixable and view the most popular photos shared by your friends.

And to view the photos from more social networking sites (such as Twitpic, Picplz and DailyBooth) besides Facebook, you can check out the VVall’s GRID website.


I. The Pros of GRID

Comparing to Pixable, the creative web app GRID is newer with some special features:

1. It supports 4 different social networking sites

It allows you to fetch photos from Facebook, Twitpic, Picplz and DailyBooth. For Facebook, you can view all the photos shared by yourself or your friends, and for the other three, you can view all the photos shared by anyone.

2. You can filter results by week

All the result photos will be sorted by their published dates, and you can also filter them by Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or any other workweek or weekend days, all the last results will be highlighted.

3. You can view all photos in one page

It seems that no matter how many photos someone shared on the 4 supported sites, you can view them all in one page.

II. The Cons of GRID

Comparing to Pixable, there are some shortcomings of GRID:

1. You can’t zoom photos

The GRID site only displays a small thumbnail (about 100px*100px) of the original picture, which you need click the thumbnail to watch on its site.

2. You can only view photos

Except to view the photo thumbnails, you can’t comment, like or share the photos on the GRID site.

3. You can only fetch 4 platforms

GRID can fetch photos from Facebook, Twitpic, Picplz and DailyBooth, but not Flickr, Instagram, Yfrog or any other famous photo sharing websites yet.

III. Conclusion

Although not perfect, the VVall’s GRID web app is interesting and easy for you to view all photos from different social networking sites, worthy of a try.


GRID supports Instagram and Yfrog now.

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