View Facebook Photos With Pixable

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On the Facebook website, you can watch all the information your friends share with you, such as wall posts, activities, photos, and some other status.

Among those status, photos, especially your female friends’, are most attractive I think. So that someone develops a website called Pixable, which is available for you to watch your friends’ photos easily.


On the Pixable website, you need to sign in with your Facebook account, then you can filter and view your friends’ lovely photos by below categories:

  • Popular of the Week
  • Popular of the Day
  • Best of the Month
  • Best of the Year

Clicking any of the above four categories, you can view the related photos in slide show. Besides, you can also search your friends and view all their photos that are shared with you.

For every photo you can see on the Pixable website, you can also like it, read its comments, comment it and see who are tagged in it, very enjoyable, especially when your friends share many beautiful photos of themselves.

But Pixable is far from perfect yet, for some shortcomings, such as you can’t tag, share or report the photos as what you can do on the Facebook website.

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