View Weather Forecast With Weatherage

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To get the local or worldwide weather forecast, you can check out these best 10 websites.

But except Obama Weather, all the other 9 websites offer regular charts, such as Sun for sunny, cloud for cloudy, rain for rainy, etc., although which is easy for you to recognize, it is more or less boring.

The following will show you another new weather website — Weatherage, which will offer you the latest 5 day's weather forecast with cartoon characters.


On the website, you can select a country, choose a city, and click the "Let's go!" button, then you can view the weather forecast for the latest 5 days with cartoon characters, current temperature, sky situations, maximal temperature and minimal temperature, as what you can see from the above image.

That's all what you can do with Weatherage, which is simple, funny and even a little naughty, but not so perfect, such as that you can only select a city, but not all cities are supported; you can only see the temperature in degree Celsius, but not degree Fahrenheit; and you can't get suggestions for what to wear today as what you can do with Obama Weather mentioned before.

As for me, I don't like the cartoon characters, since which I think should be more beautiful or handsome, how about you? Do you like Weatherage? Share with us by leaving a comment.

Update: is NOT available any more.

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