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Looking for a simple, stable and significant VPS as your web hosting? Check out DigitalOcean, only $5 per month, and you can get $10 in credit just for signing up now. is a collaboration website of the data visualization projects created by Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, who like to invent new ways for people to think and talk about data with graphs, pictures or animations.

Up till now, there is a total of 13 projects, including Web Seer (for what people think mostly), Touch (for which body part is most sensitive when being touched), Listen (for how the body parts react when singing), etc., among which, the following 3 are my favorite:

1. Web Seer


Based on Google Suggest results, Web Seer lets you see what others are asking when they search the web with two different initial keywords (phrases).

As what you can see from the above image, whether male or female, they mostly like to ask why the ones they love doesn't call them.

But Web Seer is down for repairs now.

2. Touch


The Fleshmap Touch project analysis every part of a person's body, and show you how good would it feel when being touched with 2 different ways:

  • Skin to Skin, which is available for you to compare men and women, as well as touching and being touched.
  • Sorting out Desire, which will show you an atlas of excitement.

3. Wind Map

Wind Map

The Wind Map shows you the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US with wind speeds for different locations, you can also zoom in or view the history.

By the way, this is a new project and hasn't been included in the 13 projects on the homepage.

In fact, to visual data is nothing new, since Google also does so, but focus on different and even more interesting areas.

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