The Best Website to Watch Asian Horror Movies Online for Free

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As the name says, Asian Horror Movies is a website to watch Asian horror movies online for free, totally free.

There are about 300 horror movies from Asian different countries or districts, such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and so on. I think all the Asian horror movies from the oldest to the newest are there now.

Among those horror movies, 1 (Grudge3) is from USA, 2 from Vietnam, 3 from Turkey, 4 from China Mainland, 5 from Taiwan, interesting.

Although they are Asian movies, the instructions are English and the subtitles are English, too. You can share the horror movies, comment on the horror movies, or discuss the horror movies in the forum.

But it seems there are some problems with some of the horror movies:

Since all the horror movies are free, Asian Horror Movies display some ads around the site and the Video, you can donate if you like those free horror movies. 🙂

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