Watch Bleach Online For Free Legally

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Written and illustrated by Tite Kubo, Bleach is a Japanese manga series about the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki who obtains the power of a Soul Reaper.

Later, the story has been produced as an animated television series by Studio Pierrot in Japan, which spawning animated feature movies, rock musicals, video games and many other related products.

The Bleach TV series is still ongoing, and the latest episode is 283. To watch Bleach online for free legally, you can check out the following 3 websites:

1. Hulu

Watch Bleach Online For Free On Hulu

The Hulu website offers all episodes of all seasons of Bleach for you to watch online free.

If you are living in USA, you can watch any episodes directly, and if you are not, you need to use a US VPN, SSH or Proxy to do so.

2. Tudou

Watch Bleach Online For Free On Tudou

You can search the Chinese name 死神 of Bleach on Tudou and watch the episodes you would like to.

If you are living in China, you can do so directly, but if you are not, you need to use a Chinese VPN, SSH or Proxy, which is not allowed in China, so you 99% can't find any free or paid ones, instead, you can build your own.

Or, you can use Unblock Youku, which is a FREE Chrome extension for you to watch videos on Tudou as well as Youku, Sina, QQ and many other Chinese websites directly.

3. Zap2it

Watch Bleach Online For Free On CastTV

The Zap2it website doesn't hold any Bleach video, but offers the links of all episodes of all seasons from Adult Swim, Hulu and/or Xfinity.

Same as Hulu, you need to use a US public IP address to watch the videos on Adult Swim and Xfinity if you are living outside US.


The above 3 websites are supposed to be legal for you to watch Bleach online free, and in case you have problems with them, you can also check out Alluc, SideReel, tvDuck and some other video websites, though which may be not so legal. 🙂

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