Top 10 Weather Websites

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There are many ways for you to get the weather reports, you can listen to the radios, watch TVs, read newspapers, and so on, among which, to visit weather websites is easier and faster.

Among those many weather websites which offer free weather reports, below 10 are the most popular, with them you can get current and future weather reports for many cities all over the world.

1. Weather

Weather Website

On the website, you can view the weather report by overview, hourly, tomorrow, weekend, 10-day, month or map.

You can also visit the from your mobile phone browser and check out the weather.

Go to Weather

2. Yahoo

Weather Website

Besides the current weather, you can also view 6-10 day extended forecast for the city you enter on the Yahoo weather page.

Besides weather reports, you can also read some news about weather.

Go to Yahoo

3. Google

Weather Website

Just enter the city name and the word “weather” in the search box, then Google will show you the weather reports in four days for the city.

You can also add Google’s weather function to your iGoogle as a gadget.

Go to Google

4. BBC

Weather Website

The BBC weather website will offer you 5-day weather reports for the city you enter.

And for each day, the weather reports include day and night.

Go to BBC

5. CNN

Weather Website

Besides current conditions, CNN will offer extended forecast weather reports for the next 8 days, and you can also view the weather in a map.

There is a list of weather for 11 major cities in the world.

Go to CNN

6. MSN

Weather Website

Besides the current condition, MSN will also show you 5-10 day forecast, and you can view the current weather in a map.

You can also view the weather report by Local forecast, Three Hourly, Ten-day or Averages.

Go to MSN

7. Weather Underground

Weather Website

The Weather Underground website will show you the current conditions as well as the forecast for the next 5 days.

You can also view the weather history for the location by selecting the date.

Go to Weather Underground

8. The Weather Network

Weather Website

Besides the current weather, The Weather Network will also show you the forecast for 5 days.

Besides weather, there are also some news about weather in the report page.

Go to The Weather Network

9. AccuWeather

Weather Website

Besides the conditions of this week, the weather website AccuWeather will also offer the weather forecast for the next week.

The weather report of every day includes day and night.

Go to AccuWeather

10. Obama Weather

Weather Website

Obama Weather is a website which offers you the weather report for today and the next following 5 days.

Besides weather, the Obama Weather website also shows you what to wear for every day.

Go to Obama Weather

Among the above 10 weather websites, Obama Weather is my favorite, since it is interesting to see Obama as a weatherman. How about you? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other weather websites? Share with us by adding a comment.

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