Top 10 Websites Blocked in China

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Pakistan has blocked Facebook and YouTube, due to there are caricatures of Prophet Muhammad on Facebook, and offensive videos of Islam on YouTube. Besides, Flickr, Wikipedia and some other sites has also been restricted, reported by Mashable.

The people in Pakistan may be trying to access to Facebook, YouTube and the other blocked websites with different proxy tools now, just as I have to use proxy tools to access Facebook, YouTube and some other popular websites which are blocked in my country China.

Listed below are 10 most popular websites blocked in China, you can guess what they will look like when they are blocked in Pakistan:

1. Facebook


2. Twitter


3. YouTube


4. Blogger


5. Technorati


6. Dailymotion


7. Picasa


8. Plurk


9. Hellotxt


10. Dropbox


What do you feel like when seeing the above 10 images? I feel mad and unhappy, since there is something that prevents me to access the most popular websites in the world, and I have no idea why those websites are blocked, since our governments never say why they blocked them.

Against the internet censorship, I don’t know what to do except writing this post and sharing some free online proxy websites.

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