Top 7 Recommended Websites to Mix Music Online for Free

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Do you want to make your own music online by mixing some exist songs?

If yes, below are the top 10 websites for you to do that free.

1. JamStudio

2. DubStep

3. Beatbox DJ Mixer

The above 3 websites are recommended by Daniel Scocco from Daily Bits. As a matter of fact, Daniel has suggested 6 websites to make music online, but only the above 3 are available for mixing music.

Besides these 3 music remix websites, Ben Rogerson from Musicradar also recommends another 4 free ways to mix music online for free:

4. Hobnox Audiotool

5. Indaba Music

6. JamGlue

7. YourSpins

Again, Ben has recommended 8 ways about how to mix music, but only the above 4 are free online tools, the others are desktop softwares or should be paid.

Are you ready to mix your own music now?

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