When To Remove Broken Links

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As mentioned before, you can check out the broken links in your blog posts with Xenu, Integrity, Broken Link Checker or some other services, and then fix them with these 4 ways.

But is it a good way to fix those detected broken links right away? I don't think so, since those links may be not broken indeed for the following 2 reasons:

When to remove broken links

1. The link is not broken

First of all, every link checker will make mistakes and take some normal links as broken ones.

As what you can see from the above screenshot image, the WordPress plugin Broken Link Checker maybe shows you some links with Unknown, 500 Internal Server or Timeout errors, but those links are not broken indeed.

2. The link is just broken now

Secondly, every website will have downtime, during which all the links to it will be unreachable, until it is up again.

Surfagain.com, one of the best free online proxy websites, was down a few days ago, and I removed its link accordingly, but now the website was up, and I had to add the link back again, which was a waste of time.

So, for a broken link found by the link checkers, I think it is better to hold it for a couple of days (such as a week) and recheck then to remove it if it is still broken. What do you think?

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