Would You Please Google It, Doctor?

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As a doctor, will you Google the diseases which you have no idea how to deal with?

I hope you will and be able to, since no matter how professional you are, there must be something you haven't known, but someone else maybe knows and share it on the internet.

My mum has been in a coma for more than 40 days after a hit-and-run accident, and her doctor recently had no new methods to wake her up, which worried me, so that I tried to Google the disease and found out that Stilnox has some help for comatose patients.

So I recommended the medicine to her doctor, but to my surprise, he did NOT know that Stilnox had ever been used for patients in a coma, but only knew that it was a sleeping pill.

Although there will be only 10% possibility, and the effect will even last for 2 hours only, Stilnox I think will be still worthy of a try, since there are many reports about that Stilnox has ever woken up comatose patients, and even Wikipedia has mentioned it as a medical treatment, but her doctor had never ever heard about it!

So, what I mostly like to tell her doctor is that would you please google it, doctor?

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