You’ve Got Gmail

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As mentioned before, Google+ Enhancer can make the Google top black bar display notifications for Gmail.

But all those notifications will be numbers only, and if you also would like to get voice notifications, you can check out the free Chrome extension You've Got Gmail.

You've Got Gmail

After installation, you will hear the AOL's old "You've got mail" sound when receiving a new message in your Gmail Inbox — of course, you need sign in your Gmail account on Chrome first.

Besides the sound, the extension will also show you how many new messages in your Gmail Inbox with numbers on the extension icon. And if you do not like the sound, you can also disable it by clicking the extension icon and then the Mute option.

By the way, as the same, You've Got Gmail only works for Gmail, and if you also want to get notifications for Reader and Calendar, you can check out the Google+ Enhancer script mentioned in the beginning of this post.

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