Top 10 YouTube Videos for WordPress

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Besides this blog, I am also running another two blogs, Essential Blog and FreeNuts Movie, all the three blogs are powered by WordPress, which is the most popular blog platform.

The reason I choose WordPress is that it is easy to use, flexible and SEO friendly.

Basically, you just need to install the software, pick up a theme, install some plugins, and then you can focus on posts. For how to use WordPress indeed, you can check out some tutorials such as below 10 YouTube videos:

1. Installing WordPress on Your Webhost

Views: 29,214

Upload date: July 14, 2008

Uploaded by: ElliottMediaGroup

WordPress Tips: How to install WordPress on your web host.

2. Watch Me Design a WordPress Theme — Starting in Photoshop

Views: 36,305

Upload date: November 20, 2007

Uploaded by: AspiringIndie

WordPress Tips: How to create a WordPress theme with Photoshop.

3. How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template

Views: 95,406

Upload date: July 09, 2007

Uploaded by: houdy1020

WordPress Tips: How to create a blog page that looks different from a normal page.

4. Michael Gray – Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly

Views: 63,234

Upload date: March 19, 2007

Uploaded by: thegraywolfweb

WordPress Tips: Tips on how to avoid duplicate content on your WordPress blog.

5. How To Tweak or Edit Your WordPress Theme

Views: 32,534

Upload date: October 13, 2007

Uploaded by: NinjaBlogSetup

WordPress Tips: A video for new WordPress users demonstrating how to make simple changes to the theme.

6. How to Put Adsense on Your WordPress Blog

Views: 35,908

Upload date: December 14, 2007

Uploaded by: Jonnigood

WordPress Tips: The YouTube video shows you two easy ways to put your Google Adsense code on your WordPress blog.

7. Recover WordPress Password When You Have Forgotten It

Views: 30,127

Upload date: July 30, 2007

Uploaded by: wtntech

WordPress Tips: How to recover your WordPress password with phpMyAdmin in less than a minute.

8. Quick & Easy Method to Customize a WordPress Theme

Views: 34,047

Upload date: October 18, 2007

Uploaded by: numont

WordPress Tips: How to customize WordPress themes with Photoshop.

9. Creating and Editing a WordPress Blog

Views: 20,469

Upload date: November 15, 2008

Uploaded by: lisa3876

WordPress Tips: How to create a WordPress blog.

10. How to Use WordPress to Design A Website

Views: 15,502

Upload date: April 16, 2009

Uploaded by: krashnik

WordPress Tips: How to design a website using WordPress.

Among the above 10 YouTube videos, you can learn how to install WordPress, how to create or edit themes, how to make money, and some other skills. Share with us if you have any other nice YouTube videos about WordPress.

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